Hi, here is a sample collection of my portfolio with a brief description about each shoot. Click to expand the photos or to start the video. Thanks for checking it out, please let me know if you have any questions! Cheers.

Photography Projects

True History

True History brewing was attempting to change the course of their own history by pivoting and adapting to the pandemic reality through early stage delivery. I had complete creative freedom with the product shots and wanted to incorporate their alignment with comics without taking away from the focus, the beer itself. I sourced vintage comics to support the image and I capitalized on the DIY nature of getting beer out and in their consumers' hands during this crisis. I highlighted that concept with gloves, and wipe downs, and end of driveway delivery, after which one certainly needs a beer. These photos were immediately used by the client on their Instagram stories and posts, as well as gifs, to promote their product and new service offering.  


To actively promote the collaboration between Budweiser and Jim Bean, Mosaic hired me to shoot and edit a  series of photographs from a recent promotional event here in Toronto. To boost the image of the event, it was key to incorporate the Clydesdales as part of the celebration as they are known for their participation in high profile events like the Super Bowl and the Rose Parade. Similarly, the brands are both associated with good times and the photos captured fans from all demographics enjoying themselves together. For local flavor, certain Toronto landmarks, like the CN Tower, are in the background of the photo reminding the viewer of the Canadian content. 

Good Sunday / Stel + Mar

& Taste Toronto

I supported both of these organizations in their partnership with Taste Toronto for featured giveaways by bringing their brands to life through still photographs. I aligned the style, product layout, and color edits to unify and harmonize the shots. With Good Sunday, it was critical to focus on the can and recess the bike as Regal was not an integral partner. For Stel + Mar, the incorporation of the beach floaters promoted the summertime backyard adventure vibe. The final product was used by the clients on their social media pages


To showcase Corona's environmental partnership with Parley, key to influencing their most influential demographic, Mosaic and I utilized event photos to help tell the story of how large corporations can make an important difference through the collection of seemingly small individual actions. At a prominent Toronto beach, I shot a series of before, during, and after photos which highlighted the need for attention to micro plastics as well as large ticket garbage, as well as the juxtaposition of dirty versus clean beach areas. Additionally, in keeping with Corona's 'feel-good' image, the photos reflect people enjoying the activity. 

Dr. Marten's

With Docs, it was critical to both reinforce their tags of 'made like no other' and 'tough as you are' and to ensure that the footwear was front and center. This event was to showcase the collaboration between Dr. Martens and Rock it Promo and to highlight the best feature of the new line of shoes. In taking the photos and doing the edits of the products, the brand, the guests, and the influencers, I was careful to capture the 'rock n  roll' feel of the merchandise. In preparation, I collaborated extensively with them to ensure exactly which influencers and which products would make the shot list. The client was provided with all of the final collateral.

Videography Projects


Mosaic solicited me to assist in the promotional launch of Keurig's pop up. I was responsible for capturing the set up and the event itself. I also supervised the work of another photographer and another videographer. There was an exceptional time crunch to this project and we worked through the night to ensure commitment to the deliverables. The video was in support of their updated branding with the colour scheme and design and the incorporation of their brewing technology, thereby reinforcing their position as a leading coffeemaker.  


Adidas has a rich history of using the story of inspiring athletes to encourage fitness and to promote their brand. In this case, the story was so moving that it would, on the surface, seem to tell itself; however, there was a tremendous amount of preparatory work in crafting how to get the message across in the time allotted and on- site work to ensure the smooth functioning of the operation. In addition to advising on how best to capture shots that are aligned with the story, I took the behind the scenes footage and assisted with scheduling and general production needs. The client promoted the final product on their Canadian and worldwide social platforms, on their website, and it was picked up by iHeart Radio and other news affiliates.


Working with KC Productions and 5Crowd, we produced multiple videos for Microsoft featuring some of their own clients: Zone TV, Cerebri AI and TD Securities. These videos had a more serious tone reflecting the nature of their corporate contacts and the fact that we were dealing with their own executives on camera. As a jack of all trades, I was a camera operator, a sound technician, a production assistant, and an assistant director. Microsoft can add additional testimonials as their clients become more comfortable endorsing their product offerings.

Passenger Project

This project was near and dear to my heart as both a musician and as someone who strongly believes in the synergistic benefits of bringing people together to share their experiences and their viewpoints.As the creative director of the project, I established the name and the narrative supporting the journey. I also worked directly with the graphic designer in creating the logo. I shot the content, recorded the audio, and did the edits. I ensured that all participants were true to the brand identity. The concept was under discussion with the CBC to be repurposed into a documentary or series.

Tourism Toronto

Capitalizing on the high functioning partnership with KC Productions and 5Crowd, we created a series of videos for Tourism Toronto. The edgy lifestyle theme was a common thread and popular neighbourhoods such as Queen West, Ossington, St. Lawrence and Kensington Market brought this to the forefront. We developed the stories to show the intersection of people, their space/ location and their life. I shot video, recorded audio and assisted in the direction from start to finish. This hands on approach kept the cost down while ensuring high quality output. The client was able to have a suite of videos to work with, each with a similar look and feel but also with a uniqueness in terms of individual delivery. 

Mr. Saturday

Given the pandemic, Mr. Sat wanted to have a 360 degree fashion show that kept to the brand image but reflected the new reality of operating within the constraints imposed by Covid-19. Supporting this video, I acted in the capacity of production assistant to facilitate the smooth operation both in front of the camera and behind the scenes. This included organizing physical distancing, for example keeping people in their respective zones and locating the video team behind a curtain as well as ensuring masks were in use when distancing was not possible or when people were outside their bubble. 

I have been engaged in promotional activities with Mr. Saturday since inception and all my work supports their theme: "where life is just a state of mind". For this video, I created a vintage vibe featuring the strong 'sex, drugs, and rock and roll" influence from the 60's and the 70's. A conscious effort was made to single out a very limited number of looks in order to align with subsequent photos. The output was well received by the client thereby ensuring repeat business and strong referrals.

Up to You Music Video

This short video was produced to accompany my thoughts, put to music, surrounding the very easy going nature of a cottage weekend with good friends. It shows a "day in the life" perspective with progression between day and night and between the introduction and development of the characters. Its purpose is to create and support a relaxed mind set.